Liverpool is the home town of The Beatles, a maritime city northwest of England, where the river Mersey meets the Irish sea. Liverpool is a very colorful city with a lot of old buildings, pubs, museums. While i was there we explored the city and took some great photos. The best way to see the city is with the famous red bus.

Royal Liver building-iconic building in Liverpool

I found it fascinating and love how this guy was sun baking with his 2 dogs beside him.

While walking the streets we saw one of the most famous dogs in Liverpool with his twitter account. You will have a lovely time walking around Albert dock where you can see great museums from the museum of Liverpool to The Beatles museum. Myself i am not really a fan of museums but i did go to see The Beatles museum since Trent is such a big fan. There is numerous restaurants, tourist shops where you can buy little souvenirs. And what great tourist spot wouldn't be complete without a giant ferris wheel.

Liverpool is probably one of the biggest cities in night life. We of course went to The Cavern one of the must pubs to be where they play all the Beatles songs. I loved it because all the older generation is there drinking, singing and dancing like in good old days and i love to see this. The whole experience is unforgatable.

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