I felt like being in the movie. The whole experience felt surreal. Ho Chi Minh city or Saigon is one of the busiest cities I have seen. Full of colors, people, scooters,cars, little home made restaurants on the side walks, fruit ladies every where, barbecue stools. Tropical, humid whether with everyday afternoon rain to cool down the evening. All sorts of food experiences. I felt like being in Vietnam gave me the over view on how much nature really give us. The Vietnamese people use all sorts of green leafs, veggies, different tropical fruits for cooking and eating. That's why I was so amazed how much of nature we actually get and how much we give back. Specially in the Saigon streets where you see garbage everywhere and people using trees as a sink.


We had only one day for a really touristy spot. We went with a car 2 hours away to ....... To cruise on the Mikong Delta and see where people live, see floating fruit markets, how they still make rice paper by hand, how you can turn rice into a rice crackers, how to make coconut flour and coconut candies by hand, we have tried numerous different teas and all sorts of different fruits. Drove with a little boat through the canals of Mekong Delta feeling super adventurist and surreal. Loving the experience when you feel like you know why you are living for and it gives you that happy, full feeling in your heart.  


Over the week we didn't have much time since we were teaching the kids, but everyday when we finished we would go explore the city from famous Notre Dame church, to the markets where funny enough people don't like to bargain to much like in China or other Asian countries. Trying to go every day to different restaurants, trying different food. I could say that Vietnamese people are really nice and not rude. All the men love to drink the same as all the other Asian countries. The city has these feel or maybe because we have watch to many movies about it, but you can fully imagine how American solders where in the city and how everything worked. Also they have a lot of beautiful, amazing old French buildings so in a way was all good that the French ones Concorde  it. Maybe they won't agree but I think it makes the city more charming.


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